20th anniversary ! 

Seminar Sicily 2021:

 Understanding ‘the Organon’ and ‘the Chronic Diseases’

 Philosophy and practice of the ‘classification of disease’

May 23 - May 28

With Ewald Stöteler

(Language English)

We want the seminar to take place at all times.
However, in 2021 we will probably be dependent on current political decision-making and measures, both those in the Netherlands and those in Italy.
To gain insight into the enthusiasm, we ask everyone to register without obligation to be sure of participation: The maximum group size remains 30 people. Once the group is complete, we will regularly review the status of the seminar. As soon as it is clear that the seminar will actually take place, you will receive a message about this and you can then decide whether or not to join. Untill then we advice you not to buy any flight-ticket.

We have been successfully organizing seminars on Sicily since 2002: An inspiring 5-days seminar on the Italian island famous for its history, culture, gastronomy and magnificent beaches. The seminar will be held in Giardini-Naxos, near Taormina at the east coast of Sicily. In Taormina there is a magnificent amphitheatre from the time of the Romans and of course you can enjoy the view of the still-active volcano the Etna. In Sicily the temperature is pleasantly warm in June: about 25 degrees and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea is about 21 degrees this time of the year. The seminar will be held at Villaggio Alkantara, in a place formerly used as a pizzeria. The pizzeria has full daylight and a full view at the Etna. Aside from the lessons, we do not make any plans. So there'll be plenty of time for any leisure activities you desire.


Ewald Stöteler has been in fulltime practice since 1980 and has been giving national and international seminars for many years. His high success rate in the treatment of chronic diseases has led to the publication of his book "Hahnemann's Homeopathy” in 2020. In addition RADAR OPUS has come forward with the "Ewald Stöteler module" as an integral part of the Synthesis repertory program.

In "Hahnemann's Homeopathy” (available at: Ewald Stoteler.com ) he offers in a solidly comprehensible form the imperishable principles of cure of deep pathology and disease states. And most of all: how to apply these principles successfully into modern daily practice.

Stöteler runs an ever growing school teaching the principles of Hahnemann,  and emphasizes the need for deep study of the classical texts. His teaching bring this material to life, making it vivid and accessible as never before.


In five days we study the most important elements within Hahnemann’s Organon (6th Edition) and Chronic Diseases. In §71-80 Hahnemann tells us how to classify those diseases. We have inherited disease tendencies, we have miasms, we have epidemics, we suffer the consequences of incidents, there are acute miasmatic states and  iatrogenic diseases. In these aphorisms we see where the dynamis is disturbed in itself. Ewald will stress the importance and the direct application of this classification of disease. Together we will carefully analyse illustrative cases: what to do and where to start with our treatment. How to come to choosing the right remedy(s), in which kind of order, and in which potency and frequency . Repertorisations will be made (using Radar) and displayed using a beamer. From the participants we expect an active contribution and preparation, which includes study of the Organon (6th Edition), the Chronic Diseases and preferably “Hahnemann's Homeopathy”.  Experience taught us that these seminars are a very inspiring experience and offer a rich and deep mean to apply what we learned successfully in our own practice.

Seminar days and hours

This seminar contains 5 days and approximately 30 hours of study. Seminar hours are from 08.30 till 15.00,
with a lunchbreak between 12.00 and 13.00. 
We start on Sunday May 23 and end Friday May 28. 
Wednesday May 26 is a free day.

Seminar fee

Seminar  (5 days):     € 500.-


Our accommodation is situated at "Villaggio Alkantara" in Giardini-Naxos. This nice little park, a ten minutes’ walk from the beach, is immersed in the green fragrance of lemon and orange flowers. It has a swimming pool and tennis court. The park offers simply but neat equipped 2 room apartments (on their website it is called a ‘BILO’) with kitchenette, bathroom and terrace. 
The park offers us the BILO for a cheaper rate of 50 euro a night. You can book your accommodation yourself directly at the park: http://www.villaggioalkantara.com/en. Please, when booking, mention that you participate in the homeopathy seminar. The park then offers you the discount price and right location at the park, near all the other participants.


-        Registration exclusively through submission of the complete fill in of the registration form, which you can download here. Registration is dealt with in order which they come in. The minimum number of participants is 20, the maximum is thirty. (You can email a photo / scan of the form).

-        Your payment must be transferred ultimately May 14, 2021 to our account number: IBAN: NL14 INGB 0654 5903 97BIC-code: INGBNL2A. In behalf of R.Tangel, Koningin Emmakade 99, 2518 RN The Hague, The Netherlands. Please state “Seminar Sicily 2021” with your payment. The moment your payment is confirmed you will be considered definitely registered. You will receive your invoice and confirmation which you can use for your administration.

-        Until ultimately two weeks before the beginning of the seminar you can eventually transfer your subscription to a substitute participant. If the seminar for any reason might be cancelled, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will of course refund your payment. No changes or annulations are possible after May 15 from where the sum will not be refunded under any condition.

Transport from the Airport to the park 

You can choose to rent a car at Catania Airport. Preferably, because rates start at only 240 euro for a 8 days rental. There’s a bus (Interbus, ticket 7 euro) going on a regular base, once an hour from Catania Airport to a bus stop at approximately 1,5 kilometre from the Villaggio Alkantara park (bus stop Recanati in Giardini Naxos). From here it’s a five minutes’ drive by taxi to the park. Taking a taxi directly (Catania Airport – Villaggio Alkantara) costs about 90 euro. 


For information please contact Roberto Tangel: homeopathietangel@gmail.com

For a short impression of the park visit: http://www.villaggioalkantara.com/en

For a brief impression of the seminar on YouTube: